We specialize in girl's fast pitch softball. We prepare our girls for ASA, Pony, Triple Crown, USSSA, etc. competition. We guide them in the right direction for scholarship opportunities. They are our future and we are helping them focus their talents throughout the millennium and beyond. Our enrollment is open to girls from age 11 through 18. Prior fast pitch softball skills are not required. Winter, spring, summer and fall practices are required to keep their skills sharp. We pride ourselves in teaching, developing, enhancing and reinforcing the physical and mental skills necessary. We want to accomplish the following:

  1. generate a college scholarship fund to make going to college more affordable ;

  2. enroll our teams in an unlimited number of local, out-of-state and national tournaments to meet and compete with girls from all over;

  3. provide access to outdoor and indoor facilities for year-round training to prepare our girls;

  4. supply uniforms & equipment for training and presentation.

"The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little Extra"

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