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Home of the QueensNassauComets MEMBERS

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For over 20 years, the Queens Nassau Comets (QNC) family has empowered student athletes, from all backgrounds, with the skills to succeed in life, on and off the field. QNC provides aspiring athletes with training, individualized lessons, academic support, mentorship, and exposure to competitive play. The commitment to the wellness of it’s players is highlighted by it’s direct access to licensed professionals in the mental health field when needed. Support extends beyond the athletes as QNC provides parents and caregivers with guidance, resources, and key networking opportunities to ensure families are equipped to navigate collegiate athletics and life after sports.


An indoor facility for all year preparation. Preparing our members for Game Day.  Giving our members the opportunity to hone their skills and become more competitive. Providing venues that allow our athletes to meet and compete while being scouted for recruitment by college coaches. Helping them grow to pursue careers that enrich our communities.

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